Life has put me back to school again

Last year was a complete madness for me. I moved a lot and I thought it was the most demanding time ever. I still kind of think it was (mostly because of the actual physical moving), but compared to this year (so far), 2014 was really just fun and games.

Why am I saying that? Well, a lot of things have moved forward. I have to take care of paying my own tax now, you know. Bills, too. Making sure there is always food in the fridge, working 40 (or more) hours a week and everything else you do as a grown up. It has to happen at some point! I will always keep a childlike spirit, though, but some lessons pretty much slapped me across my face this year, so here they are.

Life lessons, Life 101

Oh and yes, some of them (probably most of them) will sound like clichés, because that’s what they mostly are. But I still learned them the hard way, so be smart enough and take it from me.

First of all, time flies. It’s almost September! And I still really feel like New Year’s Eve was a month ago. Time freaking flies, and if you don’t put your time in some good use, you might find yourself feeling regretful because you wasted so much of it. It is so easy wasting time doing things that don’t really matter to you. I wrote about it a while ago: don’t wait for Monday, next month, next year or whichever moment just to give yourself more time to come up with excuses. If you want to achieve something, go and work for it (yes, I know it’s hard, but you really want that and it will make you happy). Now.

Those who mind don’t matter & those who matter, don’t mind. These are two lessons, actually. One of them is: try not to neglect people that truly matter to you. Yes, you might have hard times with them occasionally, but if you both care, it will all sit back at its place. If you have people who were there when you were at your lowest spot, keep them. Never forget what your family and close friends mean to you and do for you and try to give them enough love back.

The second lesson of these two: people leave. Grown up, adult people sometimes just decide to leave you, forever, for no particular reason. I believe that most of us went through that at least once in our life at some point. It happens, it hurts, and there is nothing you can do about it, other than actually knowing it is possible. You can occasionally also tell such person to go to hell if it will make you feel better. From my own experience, those people are usually not even aware they have hurt someone. So if you don’t think it’s worth fighting for them anymore, move on.

Never ever let a job position define you. Yes, if you are an actress, a nurse, a welder or whatever it might be that you want to do and you are doing – of course it defines you a lot. But don’t let a particular job in a particular company defines every single bit of you. Because in case you lose that job, you will fall apart, just like I did. It feels like someone has broken up with you, and you don’t really know who you are anymore. It’s messy and painful and makes you want to jump out of your skin. Don’t.

However, do let you knowledge, skills and passion define you. A lot. Because that IS who you are. No one can take it away from you. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad because of who you are. If you are good at something, go out and show it to the world. Make the best out of it. Find people and places where your knowledge will make a difference and an impact. Don’t forget to learn as often as you can.

I originally also wanted to tell you not to let a specific person define you, as in, your significant other: boyfriend/girlfriend, fiancé or a spouse. If I wrote that, it would make me a hypocrite. I have let my own significant other define me, and he did, in the best possible way. When someone completes you, they already kind of define you, and it is up to you how far you will let it get. Us? We got to the engagements! So don’t waste opportunities. When we first met, none of us thought we will last this long and get this far!

And one last thing. You only have one body and your health is what makes it work well. Look after yourself. There are so many things about your health you cannot control, so make sure you impact anything you believe you can. Do what makes you feel strong and energetic – it will pay off in the long run.

Are there any lessons that life has thrown your way recently? Let me know!


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